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Lake Michigan

#15 Lake Michigan

A panoramic detail from a photograph taken in 2017 as a storm approaches South Haven across Lake Michigan.

The original photograph, taken from South Haven, Michigan.




Inspired by a coffee shop friend who suggested a 17th century tulip. Original by Jacob Marrel, c. 1640.

83 colors.

Magic Eye Starburst

This is a single image random dot stereogram (SIRDS). Viewed from the correct distance with the correct decoupling of convergence and focus of the viewer's eyes, a number of shapes appear to float above the surface of the piece.

This is an unusual piece for several reasons. I normally work from photo images. In this case, the pattern was created by SIRDS software. With SIRDS, the color choice is completely arbitrary. SIRDS is based on a pattern of color combinations across each row. The specific colors do not matter to the 3-D effect.


A water color. A photo of the water color. A stitching of the photo of the water color. A photo of the stitching of the photo of the water color. A stitching of the photo of the stitching of the photo of the watercolor.

This piece started life as a watercolor. I scanned a portion of the watercolor and turned that into a 60x60 cross stitch pattern that I worked in the center of the fabric. I then scanned the stitched 60x60 portion and created a 180x180 pattern that I worked on the same fabric.

Celtic Mandala - Pink

Good long story around this one. Started as a commission.


I share my work in progress with friends at the coffee shop in the morning. I will share my work in progress on this writing. Expect the story to end suddenly.

One morning a man appeared. I think I can be forgiven for having taken close notice of him. He wore a hat with floppy rabbit ears and a string attached that allowed him to "perk" his ears. Which he used to punctuate his speech. He wore very brightly colored, mismatched socks.


Commissioned and owned by Tony (.

In "Stop" (also called "Coffee Shop") I was exploring layered images. There are three photographs in the piece. I think the portrait of the gentleman is the most prominent, with the stop sign a close second. What is less obvious is the photograph of the napkin on which a number of words are written.

Celtic Mandala

The title is from the two search keywords I used to find the image. I was seeking a design that would have some depth (as with a Celtic knot), and one that would be circular.

Banghart Family

More confident that my process worked, I planned a more ambitious piece. From the Facebook post on the day I completed the piece: "93,450 stitches in 402 days. A little over 232 stitches per day average. With 18 stitches per inch, that means each day I covered the area of a quarter. The last two colors had 16 stitches each."

8/28/2018 note: I notice that I stitched reference marks around the perimeter. I no longer do that. (With the exception of StarStitch SIRDS.)