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In 1976 I moved next door to an astrologer. I asked her how she could believe in such superstitious nonsense? She asked me what I knew about astrology? I realized that I knew nothing about astrology. She gave me two books: Moore and Douglas, "Astrology: the Divine Art" and Dane Rudhyar, "The Astrology of Personality." Reading those books gave me the knowledge necessary to make an informed opinion about astrology.

My initial impulse to label astrology as superstitious nonsense was born out of ignorance. I had heard astrology described as "pseudo science" by smart people. I had also heard fantastic claims by astrologers that were clearly ridiculous. I consider myself a trained scientist. Those books gave me the perspective I needed to take advantage of the good things astrology has to offer without losing my ability to make rational choices.

Aside: When I encounter scientists or folks who think scientifically, I find myself feeling defensive about my activities around astrology. I worry that people will think I "believe" in astrology. I definitely do not believe in astrology. (In fact, I sort of wish I COULD believe.) The parallel I like is Hamlet. Shakespeare's play is worth knowing. There's lots of wisdom in that play, but I wouldn't say that I "believe' in Hamlet.

Astrology is worth knowing. There's lots of wisdom in astrology, but I wouldn't say that I "believe" in astrology.